How To Improve Your Recruiting Process

You’re not alone in trying to find employees and feeling frustrated. Companies of all sizes and in all industries are struggling with recruiting efforts. There’s been a shift that we can’t ignore any longer. The simple truth is, posting a job description and expecting the applications to roll in doesn’t work anymore.  

In fact, saying “we’re hiring” and attracting quality applicants is similar to saying “we’re open” and attracting the best customers.

HR folks are burning out and are frustrated.
Things we hear quite often:

  • What we’re doing / have always done isn’t working”
  • “I get too many applications from the wrong skill set”
  • “People are ghosting us for interviews”
  • “New employees are just leaving (breaks, lunch, etc) and not coming back”
  • “People we’ve actually hired don’t even show up”

‘HR Folks’ Means Different Things To Different Businesses.

The situations we see the most fall into one of the following categories:

  • You’ve recently been hired or promoted to the HR position and you’re charged with ‘recruiting talent’
  • You play the role of the HR Director but you also have three other responsibilities are just trying to get through the day to get all jobs done
  • You’re a dedicated HR Director and you recognize that what’s always been done isnt going to work anymore and needs to change. But are having a hard time getting buy-in for additional resources (including time and budgets) to do something about it.
  • You’re a business owner juggling all the things and need help figuring this out without spending all day – every day – on it.

Here are four specific areas we can help you with:

  • Objective reviews of your current recruitment process
  • Shaping your messaging to appeal to the best applicants
  • Enhancing your website to help applicants become more informed and inspired
  • Implementing proven tactics that lessen the repetitive conversations your HR folks are having

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