The Emotional Power of Video

Strategy Video

In January, our team produced a series of videos for the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Award Dinner, honoring those in our community who make a difference.

One of those videos was about the Bangor Area Recovery Network. Following the event, a member of BARN shared the following.

“Each award presentation told a story of who was receiving the award and if you did not know them before you knew them after the video. Each video was personal and different and they were well done. They came from a place of warmth. But the miracle of the night for me was the BARN moment. In the midst of the laughter of the evening, the Chamber presented the truthful and painful story of an epidemic that touches all of our lives. You could have easily stayed away from the hard truths about substance use disorders but you did not. To be honest, there was not a dry eye in the place, at that painful moment our community came together and said, “No more will we be silent”. The video about BARN said it all – together we can.

That night, two companies, touched by BARN’s mission and story, came forward and donated $5,000 each.