Why Video Should Be Apart Of Your Recruitment & Hiring Strategy

Hiring & Recruitment Video

Whether you’re already “going live” on Facebook, “snapping” videos to your audience, or vlogging like it’s 2029, you see the value in using video to market your company’s products and services. So why not include video in your strategy for recruitment and hiring?

In a world where we curate a dating profile and potential suitors swipe left or right to show their interest or disinterest, we’re granted only seconds to court a potential match. The same can be said about potential employers.

Think of it this way. Before you make a significant purchase – let’s use a new car as an example – you do your homework. You narrow down your interests. You research features and benefits. You google pricing. You watch video reviews. You know all about the car you want and the company you want to buy from before you ever pick up the phone or make a visit to the lot. The internet has empowered us as consumers.

The same goes for a potential hire. Before ever applying, the best potential hires will scour both your website AND the internet seeking nuggets of information about your workplace culture.

If you don’t have control over the online narrative of what it’s like to work for your business, who will? (Hopefully, not a former employee’s disgruntled ex-boyfriend. Trust us. It’s happened.)

Sure, you could tell a potential prospect about what it’s like to work for your company, but why not show them?  Here are a few ways (with examples) you can use video to showcase your company culture to get more qualified job applicants:

1. Let Your Employees Do The Talking

Who better to brag you up than an existing employee? Just like customer testimonials can be a powerful marketing tool, employee testimonials build trust and allow prospects to make an emotional connection with your business.

2. Show Your Love For The Community

It’s no secret that humans want to work for like-minded companies who take care of their customers, employees, and even their communities. Good community engagement usually means strong leadership at the top. And for a hire whose doing their homework, strong leadership is usually high on the priority list. Showcase the good work your business and employees take on in the community.

3. Give Them A Giggle

Companies with a happy culture are proven to be more productive. It’s okay to let down your hair and have a little fun, especially if you plan to show the world. Engaging existing employees in videos is also a great strategy for retainment!

4. Provide an Authentic Overview

Not every culture focused video has to be funny or emotionally powerful. You can create excitement and interest simply by showing the work, the environment, and the people who make up your workplace. Be authentic.

While all of the above videos are great engagement tools, they’re all such because they’re authentic. The best bit of advice we can give on using video for workplace recruitment? Be you.

Find the characteristics that make your workplace special and embark on creative ways to showcase it.