6 Easy Steps to Making the Most of Your Company Anniversary

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Running a business in today’s ever-changing climate is not an easy task. Often, we are so busy working within the business we forget to look at how far we’ve come. A simple solution? Why not mark it on the calendar!

Company anniversaries are occasions that should be celebrated. Take these milestones as opportunities to applaud your employees for their dedication, thank your customers for their support, and to toot your own horn for how far you’ve come.

Whether your company is turning 1, 3, 25, or 100, anniversaries are also a great time to reintroduce your business to the community and connect with employees and customers.

Just like the best parties are not simply thrown together, when it comes to making the most of your anniversary, planning and preparedness are key, especially for a milestone year when you can stretch the celebration for a full 12 months.

Here are some tips for planning your company’s anniversary celebrations:

Plan Early

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get the logistics pulled together. If you handpick your team, be sure to select a mixture of people who have been around for a while as well as some new fresh faces. You’ll get more diverse opinions that way and it’s a great way to help with buy-in!

How you would like to celebrate?

This could include any and all of the following:

  • Create a Special Anniversary Logo
  • Gifts/Thank Yous/Sales for Clients & Customers
  • Create a Commemorative Company Video
  • Gifts for Employees
  • Signage throughout the organization

Build a budget

Always good to set parameters so your team can plan with purpose.

Organize your content

Schedule for release: website, social media, newsletters, press releases, etc. A content calendar is a great way to do this, click here for more information!

Include employees

Include past and present in your celebrations!

Have fun

Don’t forget to join in on the celebrations!

Just like a smile is contagious, so is excitement! When you are excited about your work and want to share that excitement it will spread and grow!