Hiring & Recruitment

A Simple, Authentic Review Of Your Hiring & Recruitment Process

These days, you can’t say ‘we’re hiring’ and expect the applications to roll in.

Here we list some key areas to review to help you increase the impact of your hiring and recruiting process

Person making video with phone

The Big 7 Sales Videos For Effective Digital Marketing

Today’s buyers are internet savvy. They do their homework, research their decisions, and are looking for companies to answer their questions – before they reach out and engage.

In this post, you’ll find the seven videos to help you be the company they choose to reach out and engage with.

LinkedIn Simple and Practical Tips'
Social Media

Using LinkedIn: A Few Practical & Helpful Tips You Can Use Today

A post designed for those getting started with LinkedIn. Here you’ll find some simple and straight-forward advice to get your account working for you.

Marketing Tips For Artisan Products And Businesses

Marketing Tips For Artisan Products And Boutique Businesses

If you’re looking for suggestions on how to make the most of a small budget – like $500 small – this post is for you.

Most of what is discussed here does’t have to cost a thing but your time, your effort, and your own experiences.