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Helping you find answers to the sales and marketing issues plaguing your growing business.

Are you looking for marketing help from someone you can trust?

Someone that will ask intelligent questions and answer yours, honestly and thoroughly. Someone that works with you and your team to solve sales and marketing issues with experience, expertise, common sense, and strategy.

We’re glad you’re here.
Perhaps we can help.

Do You Need to Improve Leads From Your Company Website?

Quality leads come from right-size and right-fit buyers who trust you have something of value to offer. Buyers looking for help and answers to their questions, concerns, fears, anxieties, and goals….and they are looking for that on your website.

Are they seeing what they need to build trust and choose you?

Does Your Marketing Team Need Some Guidance & Strategy?

Our marketing and training options are built on frameworks to help teams reframe their approach, get organized, and perform their duties with focus and purpose.

Are You Looking for Help Recruiting Employees?

You are not alone. Companies in all industries and of all sizes are struggling with this as well. If you feel like what you’ve always done isn’t working anymore, then we should talk.

Does Your Non-Profit Need More Members, Donors & Sponsors?

Your needs are growing, your resources are shrinking, and you’re finding it harder than ever to get your message out to new people.

If that sounds familiar, we have people you should talk to who can help.

Is Your Business, Cause, or Campaign Looking for a Public Relations Firm?

We have a well-connected, senior-level team that can help you get – or prevent – exposure to the event, announcement, or concern that’s on your mind.

Our Speciality – In Maine. From Maine. For Maine.

We are the go-to advertising, marketing, and PR agency for businesses looking to
grow in, grow beyond, and expand to the state of Maine


We Help You With Personalized Guidance

Not every problem is different. But every client is. The solution should be as well. At Sutherland Weston, we strive to find the best and most creative answers to your most pressing business issues. So that your difference in the market is recognized, respected, and renowned.

We Help You With Strategy That Yields Results

One of the most powerful company improvements
we made in 2021!

 This company has gone over and above to enhance our business marketing, advertising, website and many many other aspects of our business that I never would have anticipated. They have taken the time to research and get to know our business. They nderstand our customers and have shown us ways to improve our sales process.

This team of professionals literally has become part of Dove Tail Bat company! 
We can’t wait to see what our partnership with them will continue to bring!

– Theresa & Paul Lancisi
Dove Tail Bat Company