10 Essential Questions Committees Should Ask Potential Website Development Partners


Your committee-led organization is seeking to hire a website development partner. Before finalizing your choice of a web development partner, consider these critical questions to gauge their understanding and readiness to work within your committee-led structure.

These questions are designed to uncover a partner’s approach, experience, and compatibility with your organization’s needs.

  1. How have you successfully navigated the diverse perspectives within a committee in past projects?
    This question aims to understand the partner’s experience with consensus-building and handling diverse viewpoints.
  2. Can you describe your approach to facilitating discussions and decision-making with committees?
    Seek insight into their methods for guiding productive conversations and reaching consensus.
  3. What strategies do you employ to ensure clear and transparent communication throughout the project?
    Assess their communication practices to ensure they match your committee’s needs for clarity and engagement.
  4. How do you adapt project timelines to accommodate the iterative feedback and decision-making processes of committees?
    Gauge their flexibility and understanding of the unique timeline considerations in committee-led projects.
  5. Can you provide examples of how you’ve managed conflict or differing opinions within a committee to keep a project on track?
    This reveals their conflict resolution skills and ability to maintain project momentum amidst challenges.
  6. What is your process for incorporating committee feedback into the project, and how do you prioritize this input?
    Understand how they balance committee feedback with project goals and technical feasibility.
  7. How do you approach setting expectations and defining roles at the outset of a project with a committee?
    Clarity on role definition is crucial for streamlined communication and accountability.
  8. In what ways do you ensure the final website reflects the mission, values, and needs of the entire organization, not just a subset of voices?
    This question checks their commitment to inclusivity and representing the broader organization’s interests.
  9. How do you handle changes in scope or direction that may arise from committee discussions?
    Look for flexibility and strategies for managing scope creep while respecting the committee’s decision-making process.
  10. What measures do you take to educate and guide committee members unfamiliar with web development processes?
    Assess their ability to demystify technical aspects and make the web development process accessible to all committee members.

In selecting a web development partner, you’re choosing a collaborator to tell your organization’s story and engage with your community.

These questions will help you align your organization’s goals and potential partner’s capabilities.

Take these steps to ensure your choice is informed, strategic, and aligned with your vision for the future.