Social Media Planning, Strategy, & Managemnet

Social Media Planning, Strategy, & Management

Our Social Media Strategy and Management Services

We work with companies looking for social media management services, advice on content strategies and posting assistance to ensure their social media accounts are used to help drive business.

There is a big difference between having a social media account and using it with purpose and focus . Helping you outline your goals, determine who your key audiences are, and how your social media accounts can be used to form new connections with them is how we assist.

Our social media management services vary with each business and each new engagement. But consistent among those engagements is a focused approach to using a combination of community, culture, and commerce posts to help you create more connections, interactions, and inquiries.

Popular Social Media Insights

Our Basic Social Media Services Include:

  • Digital Strategy Review & Recommendations
  • Social Media Management Services
  • Digital Campaign Creation & Monthly Reporting
  • Website Content & Functionality Audit
  • Google Business Optimization
  • Monthly Key Metric Reporting
  • Website Keyword Plan / Landing Page
  • Email List Management
  • Social Media Playbook

Our Advanced Social Media Services

  • Building targeting campaigns
  • Integrating email marketing programs with social media
  • Building landing pages for social media lead generation
  • Measuring outcomes of social media efforts
  • Segmenting posts for specific audiences
  • A/B testing – trying out two versions of the same ad