Branding Development & Strategy

Branding: Let’s Find Your New Look

Creating a brand for your organization can be an exciting and emotional experience. Navigating the options of colors, shapes, tones, and messages to find the perfect balance can be challenging without the proper guidance.

You don’t have to go it alone.

If you seek help navigating the many options, opinions, and opportunities and want an experienced, objective team to lead you through the process, we can help.

Our branding efforts services include:

  • Naming / Renaming Process
  • Mission / Vision / Values Facilitation
  • Campaign Development
  • Employee Recruitment Messaging
  • Logo Development
  • Corporate Story & Messaging
  • Internal / External Roll Out
  • Style & Communication Guide

The Design Framework


Each logo and branding engagement starts with us getting to know you. Our discovery process helps us better understand your organization’s people, processes, and products.

Our design team then utilizes a series of initial sketches, shapes, and color swatches to help hone in on the look and feel you’re interested in. We thoughtfully consider how color and shapes can impact the perception of your brand and start to build options to match your vision and goals best.

Design options can be worked into product and signage samples to help demonstrate how they’ll appear on buildings, vehicles, and merchandise.

Feedback from your team helps narrow down the options until we land at the brand mark and color combination you’re most excited to call your own.


Once your custom logo and color combination is finalized and approved, you’ll receive a digital package of your logo in various formats, including full color, single color, black and white, and large process uses.

Your logo package will be complemented with a style guide. This guide is your branding handbook, outlining the logo’s colors, fonts, shapes, and uses.

The guide is a tool that can be used internally with employees and shared externally with vendors to ensure consistency of appearance and color in physical and digital uses.


Once completed, it’s time to launch your new brand look with a bang. We can help you craft a plan to share your new look with internal and external audiences.

Details of the plan will vary based on your budget, goals, and timelines.

The Messaging Framework

We’ve designed two specific programs for branding engagements, one for internal and one for external purposes.

For organizations looking to develop their brand or re-brandingctheir organization, we have our StoryMining process.

Our SoftLanding process is designed to help organizations plan for and manage the internal concerns, and communication needs that re-branding, mission and messaging changes bring.


StoryMining is a framework focused on communicating and connecting with people outside of your organization. It’s the public look, feel, and tone of your brand.

StoryMining is an evaluation and development process designed to help organizations best understand its brand in its current state. This includes collecting input and analyzing awareness from across various stakeholders. The process helps us to develop a new (or refreshed) brand promise and personality that best represents the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

This is terifficly important for organizations utilizing a group or committee as part of the decision making process.


SoftLanding is a working communications plan designed for people inside your organization. It’s designed to increase staff or member awareness, mitigate the anxieite of change, and make the branding process more inclusive.

The SoftLanding process also helps staff and associated stakeholders better understand why an organization is investing financially in its branding and messaging. Greater insight and awareness of the positive outcomes of a new (or refreshed) brand for the organization means staff and volunteer leadership can appreciate the value even though it is not directly linked to mission-based service delivery.