Marketing Consulting Plans And Campaigns For Non Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Messaging & Communications Strategy

Is Your Non-Profit Organization Seeking Help To Increase Members, Volunteers, & Donors?

Are you finding the growing needs and shrinking resources of managing a non-profit more challenging than ever? Are you wishing it was easier to cultivate more donor relationships? Or to find the right employees? Is it harder to find volunteers than you think it has to be?

Would having an organized plan and focused messaging make a difference in your day-to-day work? Would you feel relieved to have a partner you could turn to for advice, direction, and strategy for major events and mission-critical campaigns?  Are you open to ideas and a proactive partner helping you find the way?

If so, then you sound like a non-profit organization we could do good work with.

Our experiences serving on and working with non-profit boards bring a marketing perspective rooted in first-hand knowledge. Perhaps our experience would work well for the goals and needs you have in mind.

Our experience working with non-profit organizations includes:

  • Message Clarification
  • Branding and naming initiatives
  • Mission, vision, and value exploration
  • Website design & optimization
  • Board-level strategic planning
  • Marketing and communications plans
  • Social media planning and consulting
  • Video production

Specific challenges we’ve assisted non-profit organizations with

With shrinking budgets comes the expansion of duties and responsibilities for staff and volunteers. Doing more with less has become the rallying cry of many organizations we either work with or for. Therefore, an effective marketing and communication plan has become a necessity for many non-profit organizations.

Our experience includes helping non-profit organizations navigate the following:

  • Crisis Communication & Planning
  • Volunteer outreach
  • Finding new donors
  • Existing donor cultivation
  • Lack of clarity in message
  • Organizing Marketing Efforts
  • Case study development
  • Community connection
  • Legislative lobbying
  • Public advocacy