A Little Sound Advice


Visual media is one of the most engaging forms of marketing out there. Developing video marketing is a very exciting process, and if proper thought and planning are put forth, it should be fun as well. As the development stages progress, we tend to find ourselves extremely enthusiastic with the visual details, like what the backdrop should be during an interview, how clean our locations or vehicles are, or what the talent should wear. All of these are important to consider, however, there is one thing that is frequently forgotten: sound.

Anything that is overlooked will be overheard.

If you’ve ever seen a video shared by your friends where the amount of wind or background noise being picked up by the microphone annoys you to the point where you close the video before it’s finished, then you have experienced first hand the effects of poor audio.

As we envision professional videography, we also have a critical need to consider sound.

Good Sound Sounds Good

Quality video production goes hand in hand with quality audio production, and it’s more important than people realize. If one is poor, despite how captivating the other may be, we, as an audience, remove ourselves from the product. Crisp, clear audio is essential as it not only compliments the visuals being presented, but also backs the content, your words, and your reputation.

For this reason, it’s critical that anyone considering video production also keep sound in mind while developing video concepts. For example, if you want to film in a specific location, consider the levels of traffic outside, the background conversation or action, or even “invisible background noise” such as just running equipment nearby that you no longer even notice. The subtle hum of an air conditioner, the repeating beep of a printer, or even the squeaking of an old hardwood floor has potential to cause extra (and frequently unnecessary) work on the shoulders of the audio-visual editors. On occasion, it could even derail a production and require new footage.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to audio. We hope that when you have your heart set on the perfect location that you also explore whether that location has ideal sound for your project. You can also help the production team by being willing to collaborate on solutions.

When you’re thinking of both sight and sound, you’ll be better prepared to attain beautifully produced content that is both visually stunning and auditorily arresting.