A Simple, Authentic Review of Your Hiring & Recruitment Process

Hiring & Recruitment

Most human resources professionals and business owners will say that “person to person” recruitment is their most effective method.

I say “of course it is”.

Anytime you relate, respond to, respect, listen to, and engage with a person it’s going to be more effective than when you cannot.

But you can’t be ‘in-person’, everywhere, all the time.

That’s why you use other tools, like social media, paid ads, and online resources in your recruitment efforts.

But the recruiting game has changed.

You can’t say simply ‘we’re hiring’, put up a job description, and expect the applications to roll in anymore.  


People want more.

More of what can vary. Could be respect, time off, money, or flexibility. 

But people also have less.

Less patience. Less time. Less awareness. Less give-a … well, you know.

So …

  • If you can’t be in person all the time, and
  • The folks you are looking to hire want more and
  • They have less time and patience, then
  • Whatever you do to get their attention has to be simplified, and
  • Where you send them to find details needs to be detailed and authentic.

How do you do that?


  • Are you adjusting your language to the individual positions and people you’re hiring for? Are you catering your description to the actual role they’ll play and the day they’ll experience?
  • What words would YOU want to hear if you were the ideal candidate? Are you using those words now? Think about the most effective conversations you’ve had in person with applicants – is that information conveyed effectively in your recruitment efforts?
  • Where are you sending potential candidates to learn more and apply? Is it a generic job listing or is it a customized landing page that caters to the interests, questions, and desires you know you best applicants will have?
  • Are you using photos to show the environment and culture of the daily work life? Lengthy job descriptions and bulleted job responsibilities don’t bring color and depth to the discussion. Find ways of welcoming folks to your company so they can see beyond the job post.
  • Are you taking advantage of video to inspire, inform, and motivate the best candidates to apply? Welcoming with video and answering common questions on video is a great way to build trust and confidence in applicants. A friendly face speaking right at the camera can help add personality and authenticity to the recruitment process.
  • Are you being sincere and transparent – yes, even addressing the downsides or problems? Be honest – no job is perfect. And you’re trying to build trust with the best applicants. Use authentic language to help build and reinforce credibility.
  • Salary and benefits – do you explain specifics and help a potential candidate exactly what the package entails? You know the question is coming so it’s best to give as much information here as possible.

Closing Thought

You can’t be everywhere all the time. But the words and tools you use can help replicate the impact and effectiveness of what works best from those ‘in-person’ experiences.

Spending time building the resources mentioned in this review will not only assist you with your current recruitment efforts but keep on helping you well into the future.