Are You Facing Delays or Roadblocks Getting Your Business Content to the Final Publishing Stage?


If inbound marketing and creating content for your website is part of your business development efforts, you are most likely communicating with various members of your organization for information and accuracy review.

Developing meaningful and helpful resources for your buyers is a highly effective way to help the sales team build trust and confidence from prospects they haven’t met.

And interviewing subject matter experts in your company to bring out the insights and experience of your team is crucial in the content development process.

However, it’s common for that content creation process to be stalled due to the various perspectives and opinions that your business has. Especially if this is a new process or exercise for your sales and marketing teams.

This can delay the completion of articles you’re writing and the ability to publish.

If this sounds familiar and you’re facing a revision roadblock in the content review efforts of your team, as your team this question:

Will this article help a potential buyer answer a question, solve a problem, or better understand a topic?

We all have opinions and perspectives that are shaped from experience and the professional roles we play. Because of that, the way we present, the words we use, and how we communicate with prospects and customers will vary.

The content creation process is not about any one individual. It’s not about ensuring that every last detail be included. It’s not about ego or the perfect answer – and it’s not about impressing peers at a competitive company.

Remember what the core focus should be about:

  • It’s about marketing’s growing role in the sales process and connecting with prospects where they are in the journey.
  • It’s about creating honest, objective answers to the problems, issues, concerns, questions, and anxieties that our prospective buyers face. 
  • It’s about adding clarity and guiding them through the information journey they are on to help build connection and confidence that your company is one they can trust.
  • It’s about reverse-engineering your everyday conversations so help scale the selling efforts and shorten the sales cycle.
  • Most importantly, it’s about the overall good of the company.

Our curse of knowledge can sometimes get in the way of remembering what it’s like to be the buyer in need of guidance.

So if you’re facing issues bring content to life, have a discussion with your team to ensure leadership and all involved understand the core purpose – and their role in the process – of better informing, teaching, and guiding the buyer.