Want to Get More Value from Chat GPT?

Unsure How to Start Or How It Can Best Help Your Business?
My Customized One-on-One Training Will Show You The Way.

Practical and tactical approaches to increasing efficiency and value from your Chat GPT efforts.
The training is one-on-one, hour-long sessions with Cary Weston, customized to your goals, experience, and needs.

Cary’s mail: Cary@sutherlandweston.com

Practical and Tactical Without The Fluff

“Your Chat GPT training has been practical and tactical without a lot of fluff… I never feel like I’m wasting my time in our meetings (unlike other coaching experiences). You take my real needs head-on and give me actionable steps to solve those problems quickly while still keeping my tone of voice.”

Adrienne Huss
Content Manager, Baron Payroll

Cary Has Been A Calming Influence

“Cary’s coaching is always practical and influenced by real-world scenarios. His approach to Chat GPT is no different. His use of screen share demos and practicing has helped me get value out of the technology without frustration. In a world of a lot of AI noise, Cary has been a calming influence for me.”

Michael Camara
Chief Brand Officer, Smith & Warren

Teaching The Framework I Use

My goal is to help you create a framework that will help you create a valuable foundation for the goals you have right now and the needs you’ll have in the future. The areas we’ll cover in our session include:

  • Developing The Details Of Your Ideal Audience
  • Building The Do’s & Don’ts For The Bot
  • Analyzing Your Website
  • Creating Your Voice, Tone, & Style
  • Crafting Your Custom Instructions
  • The Writing Formula For Articles

Common Goals Of My Clients

  • Generating More Leads From Website
  • Improving Recruitment Efforts
  • Creating Better Articles & Posts
  • Creating More Compelling Marketing Copy
  • Expediting Social Media Planning
  • Saving Time Without Decreasing Quality

Getting Started Is Easy

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Our first one-hour session is $99.

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3. See The Results

Put the practical and tactical tips to work, to increase efficiency and value from Chat GPT.