Facebook Live: Tips for a Successful Broadcast

Social Media Strategy Video

Living in a world where we carry little computers with high definition cameras around in our pockets has made sharing video content easier than ever – and users are eating up it up!

Facebook Live is a growing trend in social media marketing, and with over 1.8 billion active users and an incredibly easy-to-use live video service, there is no reason for you to sit this one out.

But before you start shooting from the hip, we’ve got some tips to make sure you are prepared for a successful broadcast.

Pick the Page

First things first: make sure you are broadcasting from your business page, not your personal page. Sharing video as your business ensures your audience is built around your brand. (Also, not broadcasting from your personal page limits the chances of your mom commenting on how proud she is of you.)  Don’t have a business page yet? Make one and download the Facebook “Page” App so you can easily manage it.

Gather Gear

You’re going to be more successful if you invest in some gear. If you plan on broadcasting frequently, it’s a good idea to pick up a tripod and phone clamp. Even a smaller desk tripod or handheld grip will reduce the shakiness of the video and take the strain off your arm. A microphone will go a long way to increase the quality of the video. Don’t be intimidated by the technology – there are plenty of affordable, easy-to-use options out there.

Be Prepared – Plan Ahead

Part of being prepared is to plan ahead before you shoot. Make sure you have a good handle on your topics and tease these subjects in a Facebook post before you go live. Telling your fans that you’re broadcasting ahead of time will build anticipation and will hopefully create an audience ready and waiting for your broadcast.

Have a Solid Signal

Only broadcast when you have a strong internet connection. This may seem obvious but should not go unmentioned. You will be unable to broadcast if the signal is too weak; a 4G connection or strong network connection works best.

If you’re still not feeling confident, do a test run. Set your post settings to private and broadcast a video that only you can see. Hopefully, this will allow you to frame your shot and will also assuage any fears you may have about going live.

Plan to Persuade

Okay, now that you’re prepared, let’s talk about being persuasive while you broadcast. First, make sure you title your video before you start. Using a memorable title will catch the attention of your audience and inform them of the subject matter. Feel free to be creative here; I’ve definitely tuned into broadcasts based on their catchy title.

Once you start rolling, do your best to stay alert and pay attention to who is watching. Say hello to audience members by name. Respond to their comments. People are excited to hear you acknowledge them and it’s especially important to answer any questions they have.

Also, while you’re broadcasting, be sure to encourage people to subscribe to Live notifications. All they have to do is tap the Follow button and then they will receive notifications each time you go live.  Isn’t technology grand?

Close With Confidence

Channel your inner Tom Brokaw and develop a sign-off tagline. Using a consistent closer will not only make you appear more professional but will also make things less awkward when you do end the broadcast. It can be something as simple as “Thanks for watching, everyone.”  

Quality Over Quantity

How often should you broadcast? Considering that FB Live is still in its infancy, people are experimenting and simply broadcasting as they see fit. In my opinion, there are two categories that will help you determine your frequency:

  1. When you have something important to share.
  2. On a recurring basis. Like a “Shop Talk Thursday” or something you can build a following behind.

Good luck and happy broadcasting!