Outsourcing in Style


A few folks in our office are regular recipients of a box of clothes (and occasionally shoes) from an online subscription and personal shopping service. We have a little box opening ritual during which everyone gathers round and guesses the prices of the items in the box (sight unseen.)

There is an unveiling followed by a discussion of the selections and then we find out the price — and more importantly, if we are likely to see these items worn by the fans of the “style-by-mail” service in our office.

We may giggle about this, but we also see a clear value in the service — outsourcing shopping can be really smart. For people who may be fashion-challenged (some of us) and those who are who are perpetually busy (most of us), there is a clear value in the whole thing. (And admittedly, the long distance stylists do seem to know what will look snazzy on people!)

The value is that someone who loves fashion and who is fast and efficient is creating a wardrobe and experience, and a result that’s worth paying for. It’s helpful and at the end of the day, everyone’s goal is to look great.

Of course, we frequently see other places that may be worth outsourcing not just for individuals but for organizations too!

Does someone do something that needs to be done faster, more efficiently, more effectively than you?

It could be a good time to outsource.

Maybe it’s a software as a service that connects to your website for a great event registration experience, a fantastic shopping cart (in case you don’t want someone else to shop for you!), a client relationship service that helps keep track of leads and clients.

It could be a social media marketer, a fantastic copywriter, or an idea-generator who loves to help create big experiences.

It may be an event planner, a cleaning service, or even a service that sends you dinner by mail.

It could be a task that you simply don’t like doing or a task that you absolutely love doing, but which takes up far more time than is practical.

There’s nothing wrong with not doing it all yourself — and everything right with finding the right person to help you manage all the tasks and efforts you have before you.

A good outsourcing match tends to save time, agony, and extra work, and you know that you’ve got someone in your court whose goal is the same as yours: at the end of the day, everyone wants to get the job done and look great right?

While we may, ourselves, ask for some fashion and shopping help, we love being the “brand stylists” for so many clients! We like helping our clients be more productive, effective, and of course, look great while doing it!

What can we help you outsource with style next?

Let us know! We’d be happy to help.