Inbound Marketing Content Creation Program


Every small to medium-sized business owner knows the challenge: you want to grow, attract more customers, and stand out in a crowded market. You want to be seen

But how?

By implementing an inbound marketing program and obsessing over your customers’ questions, anxieties, issues, concerns, and needs

Why An Inbound Marketing Program Matters to You 

You’re not looking for another marketing gimmick. You’re looking for tangible results and sustainable strategies. You want to see more foot traffic, inquiries, and sales. Your customers search for answers online before picking up the phone or walking through your door. By directly addressing their most pressing questions, you position your business as the go-to authority in your field.

The Power of Reverse Engineering Common Questions 

Your customers have questions and turn to search engines for answers. By understanding and anticipating these questions, you can create content that directly addresses their needs. This isn’t about guessing what they might ask—it’s about using real data and insights to craft your content. This approach boosts your visibility on search engines and establishes your business as a trusted resource.

Here’s How We Help You Achieve That

  • Directly Addressing Customer Concerns: We delve deep into understanding what your customers are really asking. No guesswork, just real insights.
  • Crafting Clear, Direct Responses: Through our comprehensive interview process, we capture your expertise and craft resonating answers.
  • Empowering Your Team with Video: Beyond written content, we guide your team in creating engaging videos that bring your brand’s personality and expertise to life. This dynamic approach ensures a richer connection with your audience.
  • Making Your Website More Effective: It’s not just about answering questions—it’s about telling your authentic story. We help you build valuable resources for your prospective buyers and weave your unique narrative into every aspect of your online presence.
  • Training for Long-Term Success: We don’t just hand over content and leave. We train your team to adopt this approach, ensuring a consistent and effective strategy long after our direct involvement.

“A Godsend For Our Business.“

“I have been a business owner for thirty-plus years… Now, the qualified leads are coming in like clockwork… Adding all these new clients and our revenue growth have been a godsend for our business.“

-Larry Kagen, Founder & CEO, Baron Payroll

Success Starts With A Conversation

Simply speak with one of our friendly and experienced advisors today and see how easy it can be to get the help you need.

1. Schedule A Call

Schedule your free business discovery call with a friendly and knowledgeable marketing advisor.

2. Receive Your Plan

Review the customized work plan and proposal developed specifically for your goals.

3. See The Results

Say ‘Yes’ to the plan and start seeing measurable and meaningful results!

Our Proven Process: Collaborative, Transparent, and Effective

Understanding the value of content is one thing, but implementing a successful strategy requires a structured and collaborative approach. Here’s how we ensure that our partnership with you is seamless and results-driven:

  • Regular Cadence of Meetings: We believe in the power of collaboration. We ensure that everyone is aligned and informed by setting up regular meetings with your marketing, leadership, and sales/service teams. This collaborative approach ensures that our content resonates with your team and your customers.
  • Transparent Project Management: We know that in business, clarity is crucial. That’s why we utilize top-tier software for project management. This provides a single source of truth, allowing you to track progress, review content, and provide real-time feedback.
  • Empowering Your Team: Content isn’t just for marketing. We train your customer service and sales teams on how to leverage the content created. This ensures they can respond to inquiries faster, provide more accurate information, and ultimately, offer a better customer experience.
  • Quarterly Review Sessions: Success is a journey, not a destination. Every quarter, we bring all team members together to review our progress. These invaluable sessions allow us to celebrate wins, identify opportunities, and plan for the upcoming quarter. It’s a time of reflection, learning, and forward-thinking.

Empowering Your Teams: The Pro Copy Advantage

The Pro Copy program enhances your online presence and empowers the teams that interact with your customers daily.

Here’s how each department stands to benefit:

Customer Service

  • Access to a comprehensive content library addressing common customer queries.
  • Training on how to leverage content for faster query resolution.
  • Reduced response times leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced confidence in addressing customer concerns with accurate, consistent information.

2. Sales

  • Tailored content pieces that address potential objections or questions.
  • Training on how to integrate content into sales pitches and presentations.
  • Shortened sales cycles due to preemptive handling of common queries.
  • Improved conversion rates as prospects feel more informed and reassured.

3. Marketing

  • A rich repository of content for campaigns, newsletters, and social media.
  • Insights into customer queries and concerns, aiding in campaign targeting.
  • Enhanced engagement rates as content resonates more with the audience.
  • Improved ROI on campaigns due to better targeting and more compelling content.

The Bottom Line

Your customers have questions. And every question is an opportunity for your business to shine. Our approach ensures you seize those opportunities, boosting your online presence and driving real-world results while building an internal capability to sustain this success.