Recruiting – How Do You Show Proof of Your Promises?

Hiring & Recruitment

Today, with permission, I’m sharing a resignation letter.

My business partner Elizabeth and I received a letter last week from an employee who has decided to leave our company.

Why am I sharing this?

Well, to be honest, I’m proud of this kid. During his time at Sutherland Weston, he’s been a fantastic employee and a great team player.

And he’s been building a side business. Now it’s time for him to pursue it.

It wasn’t a secret. We supported his efforts and even assisted where we could.

Having the words you are about to read show up in my inbox meant the world to me.

But I’m also sharing because recruiting is really about promising and proving.

In other words:

  • What are the promises are you making to applicants
  • How do you show them that you live up to those promises

The Whole Person

In our company, we do our best to support the “whole person”. Recognizing all that makes our teammates tick, fulfilled, driven, and happy – and supporting them as best we can – is key to the relationships we aim to build.

It means one thing when Elizabeth and I say that. It’s an entirely different level of proof when it comes from an employee – especially an employee who is leaving your company to pursue a dream.

Finding meaningful ways of demonstrating the proof in your promise is a key way to connect, build trust, and instill confidence in those you’re looking to recruit and join your team.

The letter I referenced follows. You can bet it will be visible when our next “help wanted” effort is launched.


Dear Cary & Elizabeth,

In my first sit-down interview at Sutherland Weston back in 2017, it was mentioned that as employers, you aim to support the “whole person” in your employees.

At the time, I did not know what that meant, as I’d never felt true support from any job I’d worked in the past.

Sure enough, at every step in my 5-year career here, you demonstrated and personified that mission.

When I first started, I was an apprehensive, aimless, and stumbling kid. But, thanks to your warmth, generosity, and teachings, I was able to quickly grow as a professional, and as a person, while also finding fulfillment and purpose in my work.

While nervous to hand in my resignation, I was not uncomfortable, as I was confident that your support would continue to shine through. In what would have typically been an awkward and gloomy interaction in most other businesses, you instead flooded me with positivity, curiosity, and encouragement.

Not a lot of employers would pivot the conversation, mid-resignation, to give tips and tricks to improve and define my future plans, let alone have worked with me throughout my entire employment to help elevate my other professional endeavors.

It is this example of empathy-fueled leadership that showcases why everyone should admire this organization.

Deciding to depart from Sutherland Weston has been an overwhelmingly difficult decision to make, as I will greatly miss the family I have made here.

Thank you for running a business that truly embodies what it means to be genuine. thank you for helping me tap into my potential. And thank you for supporting me in a way I never thought possible.

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