The Power of Consistency


I recently saw a quote (It was unattributed, but if it was you, good going!) that read, “The power of consistency is profound and underrated.”

It’s so true.

If you, like me, spent nights last month glued to the television watching the Olympics, you probably understand that those world-class athletes were in PyeongChang because they consistently and relentlessly practiced their craft. Whether they felt like it, whether they saw immediate improvement, whether it was easy or difficult. Their success came from not only innate talent, but years and years of honing their skill.While consistently marketing your business may not make you Olympic worthy, it can help drive your business success.

Consistency Builds Awareness

Your brand identity plays a big role in building awareness for your business. Logo design, typography, photos, and everything else visual is associated with your brand over time. The more all these pieces look connected and cohesive, the more your company or organization looks well thought out and put-together. This level of consistency gives your target audience a visual cue each time they encounter your brand. The goal each time your brand is seen by a potential customer is that they instantly remember who you are and what you do. The more consistent you are with your look, the easier it is for people to recognize your business when they see it.

Consistency Builds Trust

Inconsistency between your brand promise and what you present to the public day-to-day is one of the quickest ways to break the trust your target audience has in your organization. For example, if you are spending time, money, and energy telling potential customers that your company has the top of the line technology don’t expect them to believe you if you let them visit an outdated website or if you tell them they can only pay in cash because you don’t have the ability to accept electronic payments. Consistency between your brand promise and your marketing materials will build trust with your target audiences and give them confidence that you can follow through on all your promises.

Consistency Builds Authority

Once people are familiar with your brand and appreciate your brand’s promise, you can take that familiarity a step forward and identify yourself as an expert in your industry.  Brands that are familiar are considered industry leaders. And people respect industry leaders as being the best in their field. Using that sense of “expert” means people will naturally respect your products, advice, and wisdom. And who doesn’t want to work with an expert willing to share their advice and wisdom? A consistent brand is the key step in developing a top-notch reputation in your field. And a great reputation leads to great sales.

Wrapping it all up

Your branding – your look, promise, and personality – has a pronounced impact on purchasing decisions and is often why people choose you versus your competition. Brand consistency helps develop positive feelings for your brand and helps communicate your story, your values, and your vision.