Using Video to Create an Experience

Hiring & Recruitment Public Relations Strategy Video

You hear the sizzle. You see the steam. The bright colors of the veggies. The perfection of the pan toss. The steadiness of the sesame sprinkle. The sound of your tummy rumb… nevermind, that’s just me.

Video has a way of activating our senses. It transports us to another place, awakens memories, and sparks a craving to have a taste.

It’s this ability to convey experience and create desire that makes video such an effective tool for businesses looking to get viewers off the couch or out of the office to come and experience them first hand.

Video can create a sense of place. From a tourism destination bringing you onto the frozen lake as the ice is drilled for a weekend ice fishing adventure to a university taking you on a virtual tour through the labs and classrooms you could one day use as a student –the right approach inspires exploration!

Video can bring about nostalgia or give us a new perspective on something we already love. It’s the sounds of the symphony that take you down memory lane in the form of a yellow brick road, or that perfectly crafted sandwich stacked high with farm fresh potatoes that has you planning your grocery store detour on the way home from work.   

As we go about our busy days with endless options and choices thrown at us throughout, it’s important to capture your audience’s attention, entice them to partake, and remove any barriers (mental and physical) that could prevent them from taking action. Video can cover all these bases.

With a glimpse of what to expect through a well-produced video, you can provide comfort, provoke excitement, and inspire viewers to try something different.

Will you be the experience they choose?