[VIDEO] 3 Ways Video Can Help Small Business Increase Sales

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If you’ve been wondering how you could use video to compete, grow and win more business, you’re not alone. Here are three ways businesses of any size can incorporate video quickly, easily, and at a low cost to add high impact to the sales process.

There’s certainly been a lot of talk and buzz about the use of video, whether it be in social media or whether it be in marketing in general, every conference, workshop, report, article states that the use of video is growing. More people are creating and consuming video and it certainly looks like that’s not going away anytime soon.

However, many business owners aren’t quite sure how or where video fits into their business. Or, if it’s something that should fit into their business.  Here are three ideas to help you get started:

Show Personality and Culture

For professional service firms, showcasing your staff, the personality of who you are and the culture of your company is important. In fact, on professional service firm websites, we often see that the staff bio page is the most visited, most popular page on the website.

Using video is a great way for you to show depth of yourself and the people that you have working for your company.  Showcase the human side of your company is an important part of building trust and confidence in your business. Your staff page is the perfect place to do that and video is certainly a good way of adding that component.

Demonstrating Expertise

Video on your website is a great way to answer frequent questions or provide an additional level of detail or information to the services that you provide. If you sell a product,  video is an excellent way to demonstrate how the products you sell solve problems for your customers.

Enhancing proposals

The sales process is full of communication opportunities that can be enhanced by video. Consider the documents, memos, proposals, and RFP responses you do each and every week.  Why not add video to give a more meaningful answers to some of the ,more complex questions and recommendations.

Why not think ahead and use video to provide answers the many repeat questions your sales process generates. Video is a great way of explaining and it helps you stand out from your competition. It can even help you position you and your companies as thought leaders and problem solvers. Doing so can certainly go a long way in building trust and confidence in the people you’re looking to do business with.

Low Cost – High Impact

Don’t let cost and the fear of fancy equipment get in your way from starting to use video for your business. You don’t need a lot of equipment or a fancy production studio to do video. If you have a tripod and a phone, you can get started making high quality videos today.

The process doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive, but it can certainly add tremendous value and add an extra level of benefit to your website, to your sales presentations, and to the products and services that your business sells.