WordPress Website Hosting And Security Services


  • Hosting & Security Only: $1080 annually
  • Hosting Management + Monthly Updates & Analytics: $299/mo


The work of our team to correct functional issues of components that should work are, in most cases,  covered by the hosting fee. Feature, functionality, and programming requests are quoted by our team as needed and billed at the blended hourly rate of $150/hour.

We do. If you’re interested in discussing this, please use the form below.

We know your website is the world’s window to your company and is the heart of our client’s daily business transactions. We know it has to work and work right. When issues arise, we know how important prompt, personal attention is to solving the problem.

Hosting Calendar & Billing

All hosting engagements are Jan 1 – Dec 31. Hosting is not billed until the website is completed and live for public viewing.

For websites we build, hosting is not billed until the website is completed and live for public viewing and pro-rated for the year of launch.

Security & Updating

Our hosting package includes regular review and installation of both the WordPress software and any additional modules that may be installed.

We are well aware of growing security risks and the mounting concerns they present to the security and stability of our clients’ websites and their data.

We take these concerns seriously and have surrounded ourselves with the most advanced tools and partners to help protect your asset and provide you with top-notch service.

Our websites are built on the WordPress content management system, one of the most popular content management systems in the world. While this foundation provides for tremendous programming flexibility and a vast network of future modifications, it does require an advanced level of monitoring, upkeep, and security considerations.

All sites we host are monitored 24/7 in real-time by advanced computer scripts and daily by our quality support team from their data center. The sites we host are backed up daily and live in a secure and redundant environment that provides us with swift recovery options should unforeseen failures or issues arise.

Our WordPress Our Admin Access & Plug-In Policy

Sites are built and managed with a single admin user account under our control. Admin accounts have full access to the website, plugins, and theme files.

Having just one with a very strong password helps reduce the chances of a website being broken into by unscrupulous parties. It also reduces the likelihood of performance failure due to plug-in installations that run poorly in the collective environment of the site’s existing plug-in collection.

Like administrative privileges, plugin maintenance is controlled in-house. Sutherland Weston has a list of tried and true plugins that we use for all of our client’s sites. We also have preferred plugins that we use based on the functionality needed for each individual client’s website. When a new plugin is requested by a client, it is carefully vetted to confirm it meets our reliability and security standards. We then test it for compatibility in our website environment and to ensure it doesn’t affect the overall performance and uptime of the site.

Older plugins that haven’t been updated recently can have security vulnerabilities which is one of the leading ways hackers can break into your site, steal sensitive data, edit your content or upload code to turn your site into a zombie. If our client wishes to waive that level of quality control and oversight, they can do that by filling out the WordPress Administrator Agreement form.

Admin Acess For Clients

Please know it is not our regular protocol to provide admin access to clients as part of our hosting agreement. However, if a client does wish to control an administrator account, they can request access by filling out a WordPress Administrator Agreement form.

Transferring Your Existing WordPress Website Hosting Services

If you are exploring options for a new WordPress website hosting partner, we’d be happy to see if we’re a good fit for what you need.

Please share some basic information in the form below and a member of our team will arrange for a conversation.