Best Website Design Companies in Bangor, ME? (Ratings & Reviews)


Each year, Sutherland Weston meets with over 50 businesses looking to design and develop a new website. And because we share so much of our website experience, tips, and advice with them, they often ask us who are some of the other website and marketing companies in the area.

We try to be as transparent and honest as we can with respect to other agencies, and we want our customers to be as informed as they can as well. [See our Google Reviews here]

Here are some website design companies in the Bangor region to talk a look at:

Pine Tree Interactive

With local service and website packages starting at just $299/month, Pine Tree Interactive offers an effective and budget-friendly way to build your website and your business.. (see more)


Here is a list of other websites and marketing companies we’ve come to know in our area.

Sephone has been providing web-based solutions for nearly two decades, serving businesses and organizations of all sizes across all industries. (see more)

Links Web Design Services

Their core philosophy is to help every client put their best face forward online. Websites will be designed and developed from the ground up to match your business’s specific requirements and customers. (see more)

Pulse Marketing Agency

Pulse Marketing Agency is the digital marketing arm for Bangor Daily News, handling all digital sales and services. They use well-supported, world-renowned open source content management systems, allowing you to maintain your website with ease. (see more)

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How Do I Find A Good Website Design Company In Maine?

Websites have become such an important part of the sales and marketing process for businesses of all sizes. To be effective, it takes more than just pretty pictures and a flashy design. That’s why finding a good website design company can be complicated. Mainly because the term “good” is such a hard word to define.

So what does ‘good’ mean to you? Answering this question is crucial to determining the best fit for your website needs. Understanding what you’re looking for – and what you’re not interested in – will help you better narrow down the companies you wish to work with.

10 Tips To Help You Find A Good Website Design Company

1. Look at reviews

Google reviews matter. Replies to Google reviews matter too. Especially reviews that are not flattering. Google reviews can give you insight into the process a company follows and what kind of partner they’ll be for your needs.

2. How much of your time will be needed?

You should know upfront about how much time will be needed from you during the process, what will be expected of you, and how to best prepare to save time and be most efficient.

3. Evaluate the process

Systems are important. How clearly is the company’s process documented, and is it easy to understand? Is there an account manager dedicated to your project? How involved will you be in the process? What are the expectations and accountability for each party? Can you see what each step is going to be that may keep a project from moving forward?

4. Pricing transparency

Does the company talk about pricing on its website? Do they explain what reasons, situations, features, and functions can make a website more expensive? Even if it’s just ballpark pricing or ranges of average sites, can you understand how much the company typically charges for a website before you talk with them?

5. Who is responsible for content?

Without question, content is the biggest challenge for most website projects. Content can include words, photos, graphics, videos, and documents. When you are talking with a company, ask about the content piece of the project. What is their role, what do they offer, and what do they expect the client to provide?

6.WordPress hosting & support

How does the company handle hosting and ongoing technical support if this is a WordPress website? Who is responsible for maintaining updates to the software and plugins? Find out what the process is for adding additional users and plugins. Many companies restrict full admin access to WordPress websites, for good reasons. Discuss this in your evaluation call to see how the company monitors and updates WordPress sites.

7. Ongoing charges and fees

Beyond the cost of developing the website, what are the ongoing financial commitments? Is hosting billed monthly or annually? Is service billed as incurred, or is there a monthly service fee? If there are technical issues with the website in the future, who pays to correct them?

8. What happens when you break up

You never choose a company knowing you’ll leave them in the future, but it does happen. So ask up front what happens when the break-up takes place. Who owns the actual files of the website you’re paying for? You may be surprised to learn that some companies will charge you again for the rights to your website should you choose to leave them.

9. What questions do they ask

You’ll have a lot of questions, and you’re looking for answers. But what about the company you’re talking to? How curious are they? What kind of questions are they asking you? Are they trying to find out more about your business or just trying to sell you a product?

10. What does success look like?

When you pick a company and start the project, how will you define success? How are you going to measure what the new website is doing for your business? What metrics are in place to help you understand what your website is doing for your business?