Website Content – Reverse Engineer Common Questions For High Value


For content ideas – look at questions you get on a regular basis from both customers and prospects.  Think of all you get and write them down. Whether you come up with 20, 40, or 100 questions, write them down – and then prioritize to be writing your answers.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the number of questions you have written down. No matter how many you have listed, the goal is to create valuable and thorough answers one at a time.

With each completed answer, you’ll have another tool in your toolbox that will help you connect with more customers and rise above your competition.

Where should the questions come from?

Your normal sales call

Talk with your sales team and ask what the ‘average’ sales call looks like. Chances are it’s filled with many of the same types of questions, if not the exact same questions. On average, about 80% of a normal sales call includes the same questions as the last one…and the one before. If the question comes up repeatedly, that should become a priority question to answer thoroughly and have available on the website (and yes, this includes pricing).

Common service questions

Existing customers have questions too. Poll your service team on what types of calls and conversations take up much of their day and you’ll have a great list to work from.

Hiring / recruiting interview questions

Think of the ideal candidate for the open positions that you have. What information do you wish they had prior to interviewing with your company. Just like with sales and service, much of the questions and conversations will be the same from applicant to applicant. Make better use of the time you talk with candidates – and attract higher-quality, better fit candidates, by getting detailed and thorough hiring answers crafted as part of your content plan.

The seasonal ebb & flow of your business

Most businesses have a predictable pattern to the products and services their customers are interested in or sell best during specific times of the year. Map out what that cycle looks like for your business and create a list of hot topic questions and topics you’d want your customers to know about ahead of time.

Four specific ways question-based content will help your company

Show off your experience and expertise when you’re not in the room

Answering questions and providing thorough details comes naturally to most of us when talking with customers face to face or on the phone. But what about when potential customers are not talking to you directly?

Studies show (and our own habits confirm) that consumers are doing their own homework on the internet before contacting companies and salespeople.

In fact, some studies have shown that as many as 70% of customers who reach out to companies have already made up their minds about what or where to purchase.

Think about the answers and information you’re providing on your own website. Having thorough and complete answers to questions consumers are asking helps you foster connections and make your company the one customers want to call. When developing your answers, write like you’d talk if the customer was on the phone. Be friendly, helpful, and thoughtful. The answers will help you make a positive impression on potential customers even when you’re not in the room.

Help you and your staff share the same information

Expanded answers to frequent questions can be beneficial to your staff as well as your customers.If you have employees who answer the phone, greet customers in the store or reply to email inquiries then you know how hard it can be at times to ensure everyone has the same answers and the same information.

Developing ‘official’ answers as a company to the questions your business receives on a regular basis can help provide your employees with the foundation they need to be consistent in their answers. (Tip – these answers also work great for brochures, sell sheets, and social media posts).

Reply faster with less work

If email is a part of your business day, then you most likely have spent time trying to remember what you wrote last time you answered the same question that’s before you now.  When you have a library of thorough answers to turn to, email replies become faster and simpler for you and your employees.

Rather than spending 1/2 hour trying to find the right answers, you can simply link to the answer on your website. It’s incredibly satisfying to reply promptly and equally impressive to your customer that you’ve taken the time to develop the answer ahead of time.

SEO – provide Google with great content

Remember, if customers are asking you questions as part of the sales process, they are also asking Google. Creating thorough and complete answers to your frequent questions will help get noticed by Google.  Creating detailed content increases the opportunity of your website is shown as a resource when the questions are asked on Google.

Being shown more by Google means more opportunities to increase traffic to your website and more opportunities to increase sales leads to your business.