How Can I Build a Simple, Low-Cost Website for My New Business?


Building a website doesn’t have to be expensive to be valuable for your business. If your business is starting out and you’re looking to create a simple, low-cost website, here are some tips, recommendations, and suggestions to help you do just that.

Places to start quickly to get up and running today

Each of these services has free and low-cost options that will help you find and register a domain name for your business and use a website wizard to build a simple site.

Content Resources To Help You Help Your New Website Look And Work Great

Building a site is more than just pictures and pages. It’s meaningful content to help convey your value to your prospects, educate and inform buyers, and help others see how to do business with your company. Below are posts from our learning center to help give tips and recommendations on how to develop the right content for your needs:

Using Your Website With Social Media

Sharing the content you create on social media is an effective way to expand the reach of our website and become more visible to prospective customers. Here are some tips to help:

When You’re Ready, Working With A Guide

Once you have your website up and running, you may find that you need to talk or work with someone to improve the content, get better search ranking results, and find ways to generate more leads for your business. Working with a guide to review your goals and build a strategy can be overwhelming. Here are two resources to help:

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